Feb 202015

timeheroesHeroes of Metro City: Sidekicks & Storylines



Sidekicks & Storylines is an expansion for Heroes of Metro City which adds the brand new Sidekick Power cards to the City Supply. The expansion also contains rules for creating a Storyline Deck in the City Supply that will expand on your Hero’s legend, both in the past and present!

Ever wanted to make your own Super-Powered Hero from the ground up? In Heroes of Metro City, you get to pick your Hero’s powers, craft an original story and then start kicking some evil villainous butt! Make a hero in just a few minutes and start battling an Archenemy and his army of henchmen who are out to destroy your beloved city.


In the new Sidekicks & Storylines expansion, 3Some Games added 160 new cards into the mix. There are 7 new Power cards, such as the electrifying Charged Grip which delivers more damage the more you build up your Energy first. It also contains 3 new Energy Sources, such as Metamorphosis, which rewards you with Plot Points (the game’s currency) when you use energy-supplying Power cards (like Martial Arts Mastery or Accelerating Superspeed). Perhaps you’re looking for more Archenemies to fight? Sidekicks and Storylines has three new terrifying masterminds of evil, including the murderous Killswitch Supreme, a cold fusion-powered cyborg who is only weakened when the Heroic team fights as one.


Heroes of Metro City base game is required to play.


2-4 players

Ages 12+

60 minute play time


vileHeroes of Metro City: Vile Fiends



The evil has arrived.


A dark power has awakened and infiltrated the city from beyond our world. Our heroes must face Viprous, the venomous Archenemy. Or perhaps they will battle a horde of Shinobi Assassins and disarm Hidden Explosives.


A new ally joins your ranks in the form of the Combat Instructor.  And heroes may now have Storylines which reveal their dark pasts. Some may even be Reformed Criminals. Be prepared for anything!


Vile Fiends is a limited edition mini-expansion for the Heroes of Metro City game and requires that game to play.


Heroes of Metro City: Time & Space



When Ebenezer Dowd ventured into Metro City’s past, he damaged the very fabric of time itself. To repair the damage and defeat him, Heroes of Metro City from the past and present must use the power of Time Travel to become the First of Your Kind: Heroes of a golden age long since passed.


To help them, some heroes now have the Molecular Phasing ability and the Immortal Storyline. Travel through time. What kind of Hero will you become?


Time & Space is a limited edition mini-expansion for the Heroes of Metro City game and requires that game to play.


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