Dec 102013

Herald of the ivory labrynthHerald of Ivory Labyrinth



The cult of Baphomet has been delivered a critical blow, yet the Horned Lord remains, and now he’s taken hostage the herald of Iomedae, goddess of justice and valor. The heroes of the Fifth Crusade must attempt their most dangerous and audacious mission yet, they must travel to Baphomet’s Abyssal Realm, the Ivory Labyrinth, and navigate its trackless mazes in order to discover the ancient prison in which he’s keeping the abducted herald. Can the heroes rescue the goddess’s messenger, or are they already too late and was the abduction merely a lure by the demon lord Baphomet to get the heroes to fall into his clutches?


“Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth” is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 15th-level characters who have gained seven mythic tiers. The adventure utilizes rules from Mythic Adventures to portray a campaign of truly epic potential. An article exploring the debased cult of Baphomet and a survey of the deformed spawn of the titans known as the demodands round out this volume. A bestiary of several monsters (including the fifth of six demon lords that will be presented during the campaign!) and part five of Robin D. Laws’s new Pathfinder Journal await discovery in this new installment of Pathfinder Adventure Path!


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