Feb 282017

7vq925zitneGrimslingers: The Northern Territory on March 9th, so mark your calendars!


Simplified and Revised Rulebook

We’ve listened to all the feedback from our amazing players, and have worked hard to improve and clarify, so you can jump right in to slingin’ spells.

New “Child of Light” Campaign

The story picks up where the Valley of Death campaign left off, as players are sent to the Northern Territory to investigate recent rumors of a mysterious “child of light.”

Explore five new areas

Players will adventure throughout the Forgotten West using a new system of procedurally generated maps and dungeons.

All new 56 card “Fate” deck!

A unique deck of playing cards, featuring illustrations and designs from Noah Whippie’s Bone and Ebon card deck (https://tinyurl.com/zc5ugqc) and re-stylized by Stephen Gibson. Doubles as a fully functional (and beautiful) poker deck!

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