Mar 252015

This is a hot topic right now and I’m really going to avoid giving my opinion until I’v thought things threw a little bit more.  Why? Well I’m christian which presents several possible avenues to consider when thinking about such an issue, especially since I’ve avoided them for a long time.   Avoided, isn’t the most accurate description, the truth is I’ve veered away because I think making a choice would involve passing judgement – which as a Christian is easily misconstrued or presented as bigotry.  Bigotry goes against the love message of Christ.

The issue that Gen Con has decided to make a stand on isn’t really about the choice of the individual, it’s about protecting the rights of those who make or have made a choice.

Well, that was more than I wanted to say before thinking I through. You can read the article I was referring you to at Polygon and another at New Now Next.

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