Feb 232012

For the official Day 2 coverage to GP Lincoln go here.  To read about the winner and the top 8 go here.


Grand Prix Lincoln was the first Modern event I have judged.  It was an interesting experience.  Here is my summation.


The players were an interesting mix of professional, competitive, and casual, which made for a fun event.  It didn’t make the rules questions ludicrous, but it did keep them coming at a nice pace.  I am sure that modern helped with that scenario.   The field is loaded with deck archetypes which just adds to the fun as a judge.  I believe that Modern is hear to stay.

Some of the interesting and fum rulings that happened at the event.

  • A player attempted to appeal a slow play warning during the posting of the pairings for the following round.
  • electrolyze with making an illegal target occured a few times.
  • Most of the the time though it was simple stuff like sorting out whether or it was legal for Mutavault ( or some other man land) to activate.
  • They were not a lot of corner cases.

Both Dan Scott, and Ron Spencer were there.   They were both a lot of fun – thanks for coming.  Ron has an interesting background, and we hope to interview him very soon.



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