Jul 172013

Gobber Tinker - Mercenary Minion Solo (white metal)Hordes: Gobber Tinker – Mercenary Minion Solo (white metal)



Gifted with an innate mechanikal aptitude, gobbers often find themselves in high demand on the battlefields of western Immoren. Almost every commanding officer can find a use for a talented gobber tinker. Armed with their tools and a trusty sidearm, tinkers can develop a reputation for solid work in harsh conditions and make considerable fortunes if they survive the rigors of war.


The Gobber Tinker solo comes in a blister (PIP75045).


A player may field up to two Gobber Tinker solos for each warcaster or warlock in a Mercenary, Cygnar, Khador, or HORDES faction army.



1 Gobber Tinker

1 color stat card

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