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Jun 202013

MFG4127-cxGlobal Mogul™ $55.00


Welcome to the heady days of global finance! Money and deals are flowing like water. From sparse beginnings build your empire across the globe, sending agents far and wide as you expend capital and gain access to valuable resources needed to fulfill lucrative contracts. Struggle to dominate world markets and control resources regionally. Expand your interests, acquire companies that provide an edge on the competition and more efficient use of resources.

The venture capital market is giving away money, you don’t even have to pay it back—but it does tie up valuable agents until you do.  You can always use an extra agent on your quest to dominate the world


Global Mogul™ is a limited action, worker placement, resource acquisition, and opportunity management game. Win by being best at balancing your short term goal of fulfilling contracts for cash with your long term goals of building corporate infrastructure, controlling markets, and regions. So, what are you waiting for? The world awaits…


Global Mogul is an ever-exciting game for 1-4 players. Explore it solo, or share it with friends or family


Global Mogul™ contains the following components:

• 1 turn marker

• 1 1st player token

• 32 market cards

• 40 company cards

• 30 private contract cards

• 20 government contract cards

• 88 wood cubes (22 x 4 colors)

• 20 wood double cubes (5 x 4 colors)

• 60 round wood markers (15 x 4 colors)

• 72 resource markers (24 x 3 types)

• 75 money markers (25 x 3 denominations)

• 8 market research markers (2 x 4 types)

• 6 used/not used markers

• 4 Base Game action/production charts

• 4 Base Game summary/VP charts

• 4 Standard Game action/production charts

• 4 Standard Game summary/VP charts

• 3 venture capital/resource market charts (for 2-, 3-, and 4-player games


MFG4127 Global Mogul™ $55.00

Ages 14+

For 2-4 Players

Playing Time 120 + minutes

UPC 0-29877-04127-5-05500

ISBN      1-56905-273-5

Case Pack 4

Designer:  Bill Crenshaw

Art:  Pat Raubo & Morgan Dontanville

Made in the U.S.A.

Dimensions   11.625” x 9.375” x 3.125” (approximate)


Copyright © 2013 Mayfair Games, Inc. and William Crenshaw. “Global Mogul” and the “Global Mogul” mark are trademark properties of Mayfair Games, Inc.  All rights reserved..

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