Aug 012016

3c6c05f4b9b113d27bdc6e85eb758f36_originalThis one is a little bit unusual, the game will not be at Gen Con for sale. What! Whoa! Let’s back up. Dropfleet  Commander was kickstarted by Hawk Wargames, the makers of Dropzone Commander, and it was a huge success. Of course it was, Dropzone Commander has a great community, one of the best, plus Hawk Wargames doesn’t seem to make mistakes.  I mean they put out great models, have good rules and they love their community even if they did make mistakes major mistakes they’d be forgiven. With that kind of support they shouldn’t have been surprised by the success – they were.

Almost a year later, they are about to ship or are in the process of shipping, which will leave them high and dry for product at Gen Con.  What the will have on hand is models.  I’m pretty sure they will even be running demos of Dropfleet commander all day long.

Dropfleet Commander is fittingly named, your fleet will battle on the fringes of space in the upper atmosphere of the world you are conquering. This is a pretty neat idea. I think it should stream line play because of the lack of terrain, pretty much point and shoot?  So where does strategy and fluff come in?  I think, I will know more after the interview, it plays into countermeasures and weapon types.

Irregardless of knowing nothing less than what is in the kickstarter, I have been looking forward to this since they told me about it last Gen Con.

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