Apr 132015

opGalaxy Defenders: Operation Strikeback



As the Agency plans the assault on the Alien Moon base, new technologies are studied and new weapons are readied. A gigantic shuttle transports the team and part of the Agency HQ to Earth’s natural satellite.


Arriving on the Moon, the team and the agency gape in wonder at the alien technology. The Moon surface is changed, completely wrapped in an invisible force field that allows them to breathe. Even gravity has been increased to Earth-like values – all without altering the Moon’s structure. But the scientific supremacy of the invading Alien army also hides the exact location of its base. The Agents will have to search each sector, to find and defeat the invaders!


Galaxy Defenders: Operation Strikeback is the first campaign expansion for Galaxy Defenders. In Operation Strikeback, the Agency prepares to counterattack the Alien invaders launching a strike against the alien base on the dark side of the Moon. The scenarios included in the expansion develop the storyline begun with the campaign included in the Core Set.


Operation Strikeback adds many new features and new mechanics, introducing new aliens, new powers and new characters. The Master Aliens – the highest-ranked invaders in the Alien Army – are introduced in this expansion. To win the final battle, the Agents will have to fight the gigantic Wormoon, heavily armored and armed monster with impressive abilities and a terrible bite that can tear an armored agent apart!


Such opponents cannot be fought without the right equipment, and the GD Agency has created new “toys” for the agents, including the extremely versatile Power Suits, that improve the Agents’ movement, giving him the ability to fly, as well as enhancing his combat abilities.


This time our heroes will not be alone in facing the Aliens…Thanks to the knowledge the Agency acquired during the first conflict, a new ally stands as a pillar of virtue for goodness and law: the members of project Knights!


A copy of Galaxy Defenders is required to play.


1-5 players

Ages 13+

60-180 minute play time


1 Rulebook

1 Storybook

24 Plastic figures

3 Double-sided map tiles

10 Psionic powers

4 NPC cards


2 Power suit profile sheets

1 Master alien card

15 Event cards

24 Close encounter cards

12 Alien cards

120+  Tokens and markers


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