Apr 112015

extGalaxy Defenders: Extinction Protocol



Galaxy Defenders: Extinction Protocol is the second campaign expansion for Galaxy Defenders, and can be used with or without Operation Strikeback. The agents cross a portal to the invaders’ home planet to fight the final battle against the Aliens – The adventure begins after the Agents defeat the Aliens on the Moon in Operation Strikeback.

Extinction Protocol adds many new features and new mechanics, introducing new aliens and new characters. Master Aliens, the highest-ranked invaders in the Alien Army are present in this set, including the Kingator – a giant half reptile and half war-drone – and the Alien Queen, a nearly invincible opponent who can poison her victims before she finishes them with her dreadful claws.


The Agents can face these new enemies wearing lethal Power Armor, the ultimate mobile exoskeletons capable of imbuing Agents with new unique powers and awesome firepower!


Agents are no longer alone in this war, as Extinction Protocol introduces a Non-Player Character (NPC) system, allowing intelligent non-player agents to fight side by side with the GD squad. The underground of the alien planet is formed by endless narrow corridors and caves, represented by a new system of Modular Map Tiles, fully compatible with all previous maps of the game.


A copy of Galaxy Defenders is required to play.


1-5 players

Ages 13+

60-180 minute play time



1 Rulebook

1 Storybook

34 Plastic figures

2 Double-sided map tiles

7 Modular map tiles

2 NPC cards

5 Power armor sheets

2 Master alien cards

17 Event cards

24 Close encounter cards

24 Alien cards

160+  Tokens and markers

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