Sep 272013

The Godborn (Hardcover novel)Forgotten Realms: S2: The Godborn (Hardcover novel)

$27.95 SRP

The Godborn is a fast paced, sword-and-sorcery fantasy adventure that follows the story of Erevis Cale, Kemp’s most popular character, as events of the Sundering unfold. Cale’s son, Vasen, is introduced when he rescues his father from the frozen hell of Cania.

The Sundering is a major story event designed to revive the Forgotten Realms. It includes six major hardcover novels, written by the most popular and talented Forgotten Realms authors. Each novel will tell a self-contained story featuring both new and well-loved characters, set against the background of the unfolding events that are reshaping the world.

Author: Paul Kemp

400 pages

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