Nov 102015

fowForce of Will: Alice 2: Twilight Wanderer Prerelease Kit




One Prerelease kit contains:

72 Packs of A2 boosters: The Twilight Wanderer

12 Promotional cards (Exclusive for this kit)

2 Play mats (Exclusive for this kit)


Limited allocations and brick and mortar stores ONLY!  ASK YOUR RETAILER TO RUN THIS!

December 11th

fow 2Force of Will: Alice 2: Twilight Wanderer Booster Display*



With the defeat of Blazer, Alice has called a meeting of the Seven Kings. Her intent is to carry on the original King’s vision; to break down the individual monarchies of the world and eliminate the struggle for power and work together. Faria, the Sacred Queen, Valentina, the Princess of Love, and all the monarchs assembled in the one place they all trusted; the grounds of the world tree, Yggdrasil.


With a common enemy, the aim was to unite the seven kings and move in a common unified direction. Can Alice succeed or will the Twilight Wanderer fracture this alliance?



10 Cards per Pack

36 Packs per Booster Display


*Promo card to be determined.

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