Nov 072014

FireflyFirefly RPG: Things Don’t Go Smooth



Life’s not easy. Don’t matter whether you’re flying a leaky boat along the Rim or dodging Alliance cruisers in the Core, there’s always something or somebody getting in the way of an honest day’s work. And let’s face it; you’re probably less than honest.


This supplement for Firefly presents a baker’s dozen of shady organizations, crime bosses, Alliance Operatives, and rival crews designed to get in the way of your crew. Each includes a wealth of story hooks, supporting characters, locations, and background material to flesh out any game in the ‘Verse. GM’s will also find over 50 new Distinctions and Signature Assets, new enemy boats, rules for scene Traits and triggers, plus the Episodes “Merciless” and “Thieves in Heaven” to bring these characters to life!


Requires the Firefly RPG corebook to play.


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