May 202015

eisenEisenkern Panzerjägers (Female Tank Hunters) (10)



The Eisenkern Panzerjägers set contains ten female special forces units, specially equipped for the role of hunting armored vehicles and heavily armored units.

Most components can be used with the male Stormtroopers, so you can mix your squads and equipment. The Stormtrooper Accessory Set is also compatible with this kit, allowing you to further customize your squad. 28mm (1/56) scale.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


10 (sets) Shoulder Pads

10 Torsos

10 Backpacks

10 Trooper Heads with Field Caps

5 Trooper Heads with Helmets/No Face Mask

11 Assorted Trooper Heads with Full Helmets

14 Legs (11 varied poses)

3 Battle Rifles

3 Grenadier Rifles

6 Thermite Grenade pack

6 Anti-Tank Rifles

3 Squad Support Weapons

Ten 30mm Round Base

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