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Dux Bellorum is a 64 page self contained rule book.  It focuses on the Arthurian era of history (Ad 367 -793).  The book itself features several charts and diagrams to make your game play more enjoyable and easier to learn.  The art truly tells the story of the era, while the pictures of the miniatures clearly show you what you can expect on the table.  This is the only book you need to play this game.  It includes all of the rules, lists and equipment guides for a complete game.  The  author, Daniel Mersey, used his rules set Glutter of Ravens as a base for this rules set.  

Dux Bellorum is a d6 based game usually played between two players using 32 point armies.  The displays how to build your armies not only based on the nation but the time period of the army; early, middle, or late.  Aside from  models and dice you will need a tape that measures in centimeters.

If you have played any formation style miniature games you will have no problem handling the movement system in the game.   What might take a couple of times to get used to is the Leadership Point System (LP”s).  I think it is the most fundamental part of the game.  LP’s are used to determine the number of “special” actions a unit receives during a turn.  Those actions are:

  • Interrupt opponents movement.
  • Boost Bravery for bravery test.
  • Boost aggression for close combat.
  • cancel 1 hit caused that turn.
  • Modify dice
  • Unused LP’s are returned for use during the next turn.

The use of LP’s allow players to use strategy in what would normally be a tactical game.

Movement, missile fire and close combat are fairly easy to follow.  I think we could teach a chimp.  Even army construction is easy.  Sure there is a limited number of lists,  but Daniel offers tactics for each list so you can fill them with flavor.  I want to mention that the last few pages not only house scenarios, but a guide for some cool ones like siege.


Is it worth it at 17.95?  Well, I have only played two games, but I certainly won’t turn down another game.  Yeah it is worth it.  It isn’t every day you can throw some mini’s down and put them on bases to play King Arthur.  When you do it is a  lot of fun.  I am looking forward to recreating an Arthurian siege.


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