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Sep 302012

Dust Warfare: Campaign Book Hades

$ 19.95 

 Release Date: Oct 2012

      The war for the doomed city of Zverograd heats up in Campaign Book Hades, a supplement for Dust Warfare! The pivotal battle has dragged on for months, and all three factions now seek any means of breaking the stalemate. Campaign Book Hades includes new unit stats, rules for superhuman characters, never-before-seen special abilities, and Tesla weaponry. What’s more, this jam-packed resource features the epic Hades Campaign, a long-term conflict in which players plan their engagements using a detailed overland map of Zverograd.  Key Selling Points • A supplement for Dust Warfare that continues the tense struggle for Zverograd • Includes new unit stats for all three factions, plus rules for superhuman units and new special abilities • Features the epic Hades Campaign, in which players vie for control of a doomed city.

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