Jun 082012

The Fusilier  was designed to provide PAK and the NSDF with  a light rugged hovertank.  after  a series of designs the tank started to see the battlefield.



It boasts a tremendous amount of a hover speed 11/22.  It allows your NuCoal or Humanist a tremendous amount of versatility in taking and denying objectives.

Standard Load out   HAC, MRP/18, SLC, APGL.   The Javelin upgrades the MRP to an AGM limited ammo 6






The Anvil is loaded with the HAC, MRP/18, LGM (no Reloads), and APGL.



The Fusilier is a well balanced piece of machinery that brings even more balance to an already threatening NuCoal army.

This all resin kit retails for $21.
For a limited time you can buy 3 (what you need for a full squad) for $59.95 of our online store.
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