Sep 192014

Dread ballDreadBall: Azure Forest Limited Edition



Held deep in the jungles of Azure IX, the best teams in the galaxy have gathered together for a glorious summer event – a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to take to the glorious pitches of the Yndij and partake in the prestigious PrimalBall league. If you’re a fan of DreadBall, you do not want to miss out on this.


DreadBall is the futuristic sports board game set where you are the Coach of your team, testing your skill and luck against other Coaches in one-off matches or long-running leagues. This special edition set also includes the Galactic Tour Series: Azure Forest League Pack – with rules for weather effects and new Cheerleader actions, as well as new event cards to alter your DreadBall deck and bring new elements into play.

The Limited Edition DreadBall: Azure Forest set contains everything you need to get gaming in the depths of the Azure Jungle:


-A’teo Adyssi – Metal Azure Forest MVP

-32-Page Full Colour Azure Forest Rulebook

-14 Azure Forest Cards, including Weather Reference Card, New Actions cards and more.

-1 Special Edition DreadBall Box with special print

-One 84 Page A4 Full Colour Season 1 Rulebook

-1 Special Edition Azure Forest Gaming pitch

-10 Plastic Corporation Players (4 × Strikers, 4 × Jacks, 2 × Guards)


-10 Plastic Marauder Players (6 x Jacks, 4 x Guards)

-1 Plastic Referee

-2 Plastic Balls

-54 Game Cards

-18 Dice

-13 Game Counters

-24 Clear Plastic Hex Bases

-1 Roster Pad

-1 Mantic Point


Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.


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