Sep 302012

Deathwatch: The Outer Reach

$ 39.95

 Release Date: Oct 2012

     Evil lurks in the darkness between the stars. Will you face it? The Outer Reach, a supplement for Deathwatch, explores the worlds beyond the grasp of the Achilus Crusade, including those held by the ancient Necrons. Meanwhile, this arcane tome gives players and Game Masters never-before-seen access to the enigmatic Dead Cabal, a mysterious circle of warrior-scholars who have devoted their lives to fathoming the unfathomable. Bring the light of the God-Emperor to the dark corners of the Jericho Reach!  Key Selling Points • A supplement for Deathwatch that explores never-before-seen parts of the setting • Includes details on dozens of dead worlds, home to slumbering Necron armies • Give insight on the enigmatic Dead Cabal, a brotherhood of warrior-scholars sworn to uncover secret plots against mankind • Contains numerous world descriptions, stats on new foes, and engaging plot hooks.

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