Jun 022016

Deadzone 2nd Edition is now out in stores and pre-orders have been dispatched from the warehouse. Over the course of the next few months we’ll be re-introducing the faction starters and boosters for almost all of the races and introducing new ones – such as the Veer-myn.



Deadzone Infestation – Exham IV Expansion

Once a gem of GCPS exploitation, Exham IV is now a world tearing itself apart. Subject to the largest infestation of Veer-Myn ever located, the elite Enforcers were dispatched to contain the outbreak before the creatures could spread. The Enforcers’ ship was shot down before it could make landfall.

Deadzone can be played as either rapid-fire one-off games or a series of interlinked games that form a campaign – though your battles are about to get a lot tougher with the Deadzone: Infestation – Exham IV expansion. The set includes a rules booklet which contains:

Elite Army Lists
The galaxy is a big place, and within each faction there is often great variation in the leadership styles and composition of units within them. In Deadzone, these elite commando units are represented by Elite Army Lists, of which there are five in the book: Marauder, Asterians, Rebs, Forge Fathers, Enforcers and Veer-myn.

Exham IV Narrative Campaign
The supplement introduces five narrative scenarios representing the conflict between the Veer-myn colony of Exham IV and the detachment of Pathfinders from P12. In addition there are extra rules for playing campaigns on Exham IV including a new exploration table and environmental hazards.

Deadzone: Infestation – Exham IV is now available to pre-order from your friendly local gaming store or the Mantic Webstore. It starts shipping in June.

For more on Exham IV or June’s new Deadzone releases visit the Mantic Blog.

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