Flip Through Ultimate Intrigue for Pathfinder

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Sep 222016

Matt takes a look at the Ultimate Intrigue from Paizo.  It features the Vigilante Class, verbal duels and intrigue systems to enhance your game. I think I will use verbal duels and the leadership system the most.

I think the pursuit rules have a place in any game there is a chase.  Check back soon for my full review.


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Sep 222016

The tale of a clever rogue and her angelic partner pit against a centaur army



By Sam Sykes

Tor Books and Paizo are pleased to announce a new and original novel set in the Pathfinder universe: PATHFINDER TALES: Shy Knives (A Tor Trade Paperback; $14.99; On-sale October 18, 2016) by Sam Sykes.


Shy Ratani is a clever rogue who makes her living outside of strictly legal methods. While hiding out in the frontier city of Yanmass, she accepts a job solving a nobleman’s murder, only to find herself sucked into a plot involving an invading centaur army that could see the whole city burned to the ground. Shy could stop that from happening, but doing so would involve revealing herself to the former friends who now want her dead. Add in an aristocratic partner with the literal blood of angels in her veins, and Shy quickly remembers why she swore off doing good deeds in the first place.

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Box Breaking 190: Onitama from Arcane Wonders

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Sep 202016

Onitama is a two player abstract game based on the complexity of a Martial Arts fight. With a random set up the players use their cards to move and outwit their opponent.  This wrestling match relies on the card players were dealt at the beginning of the game.



It is part of the Dice Tower Essentials line.


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Codenames: Pictures

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Sep 152016

image001 (1)Codenames: Pictures



Codenames can now be played with pictures!  Whimsical, mind-twisting illustrations are used instead of word cards.  Can you find one word that ties your team’s pictures together?


Can be played with or instead of the original Codenames.  The rules of the game are the same: Two rival spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple pictures on the table.  Their teammates try to guess pictures of their color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team.


Players: 2-8+

Ages: 10+

Time: 15 minutes

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Kings of War Dives into History

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Sep 132016

historicalRecently Mantic announced Kings of War Historical – and the response has been amazing. While it has somewhat of a “Hollywood” approach to historical accuracy, we think you’ll get some terrific games played using the rules. I expect to see battle reports of both recreations of epic battles of old – and some of those scraps we have always asked over beer like “who’d win in a battle between the Romans and an army of the undead”? The book is primarily a way to fight historical clashes, but we felt it would be missing something without a little ‘mythical’ fun in there.

Stepping back, it is fantastic to see Kings of War continuing to grow around the world; it seems to have taken deep hold in the USA and Australian tournament scenes for mass battle fantasy gaming, and continues to grow rapidly in the UK and Europe too. There are more new people trying it out and then joining the ranks of KoW than ever before, and new releases – both new armies and gap filling in the range – are happening all the time.

That excerpt is from the Mantic newsletter.

I have come to love Kings of War and I am looking forward to see how the historical armies play.


If you are interested in KoW you can pick up the two-player starter here.


POLARIS: Deluxe Core Rulebook Set

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Sep 132016

polarisPOLARIS: Deluxe Core Rulebook Set



“Humankind was born in the seas and is now coming back here to die”

–Vulrick the Mad


From the publishers of the Pathfinder RPG’s French edition comes POLARIS, an exciting

post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG, now in English and its Deluxe Edition!


Take part in the political intrigues, action, exploration and the quest to survive. An all new

and revised english version with over 400 full-color pages, split in two books that are also

sold as a set in a slip case.

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Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game

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Sep 012016

war questtAttack on Titan Deck-Building Game


The last human city is under attack by giant, fearsome Titans and it’s up to your team to stop them! Based on the action from the world-renown Attack on Titan anime and manga series, you and your fellow players will battle relentless Titans for humanity’s very survival in this cooperative deck-building game. Collect the weapons and tactics you need, then test your mettle on the wall before it’s too late.


Play as Eren, Mikasa, Armin and many others as you struggle to keep the Titans at bay. New to this Cerberus Engine game is movement. The location of your Hero in the game area matters. Protect the walls or watch them crumble. But do not lose hope, no matter the odds and no matter who among you falls to the onslaught. It may soon be up to you to land the killing blow that will turn the tide of battle…

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