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Flip Through Curse of Strahd

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Mar 242016

In the Flip Through Matt takes a look at the Curse of Strahd for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition from Wizards of the Coast. Curse of Strahd revisits the iconic campaign setting of Ravenloft.



Ravenloft is always cool, but this rendition has me anxious.

Box Breaking 177 Panda Head

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Mar 222016

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look a Panda Head from R&R games.  A card game that plays in 10 to 20 minutes.  It’s a trick-taking card game where the winning Panda is the one who stays awake the longest by scoring the fewest points. That’s right … points are bad!

I used to play a lot of Pinochle as a child I wonder if the point system will destroy me?

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