Firefly Pirates and Bounty Hunters from GF9

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Apr 302014

Firefly: The Game: Pirates & Bounty Hunters Expansion

$29.99 SRP



Pirates & Bounty Hunters, a game expansion for Firefly: The Game, introduces a heavy dose of player versus player interaction to the ‘Verse. Raid rival’s ships with piracy jobs. Hunt down wanted fugitives and collect bounties. Ready your crew for showdowns with brand new supply cards! Explore the ‘Verse with two new ships. Aggressive new leaders specialize in anti-social strategies while Lawmen reward those bringing justice to the ‘Verse.

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Hull Breach from Green Brier Games

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Apr 302014

Hull BreachHull Breach: Corporate Wars

$40.00 SRP


Hull Breach is a sci-fi cards-and-dice game set in the future and puts players in command of a space station out among the stars. Their mission is to improve their station, build a powerful fleet of warships and Marines, and then destroy their opponents with help from various events, tactics and technological breakthroughs!


Players take turns drawing cards, managing their per-turn economic gain, and manufacturing what forces they can before deciding whether or not to attack their enemies or continue biding their time. Games can be short and brutal, or they can be long and cautious, but the end result is the same: only one player can be left standing to achieve dominance of the sector. Some players will be adept at producing sheer numbers of ships, others at making a smaller number of ships more powerful individually, and others at simply stalling, manipulating, and controlling their foes.


Hull Breach: Corporate Wars comes with three pre-constructed 55-card decks representing the “Big Three” mega-corporations: Xeros Engineering, Anaheim Manufacturing, and the Bank of the Galaxy – each with its own different playstyle.


The box set contains:

-The three decks

-A supply of ten-sided dice

-Four different stocks of colored plastic beads and tokens for keeping track of various game effects

-A soft-bound rulebook

-A soft-bound fiction supplement containing more information about the game universe.

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Wizards announcement from PAX

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Apr 112014

If you aren’t at PAX, like me you can read this article at Forbes.


Apparently Tyranny of Dragons is going to help launch Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed.   While I’m not a fan of the new system,  I am a fan of dragons.  It sounds like they have a very exciting road ahead for us fans.

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Gama Announces the Origins Awards

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Apr 112014

From the Press release


The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Announces 2014 Origins Awards Nominees
COLUMBUS, OH – March 31, 2014- The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design is pleased to announce the 2014 Origins Awards Nominees.
These awards are presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design to companies for outstanding games in the industry. These are the 40th annual awards. This year, the Awards had fourteen categories: Best Role Playing Game, Best Role Playing Supplement, Best Board Game, Best Historical Board Game, Best Historical Miniature Figure/Line, Best Historical Miniature Rules, Best Historical Miniature Rules Supplements, Best Miniature Figure Line, Best Miniature Figure Rules, Best Game Accessory, Best Children’s, Family, Party Game, Best Collectible Card Game, Best Traditional Card Game, and Best Game Related Publication.
The winner of each category will be voted on by members of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design. Origins attendees will have the chance to vote on the Fan Favorite in each category. The winners will be announced and presented by at the Origins Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 14th of the event.
Additional information concerning the Origins Awards can be found at under the Origins Awards link.
Please congratulate these companies and designers:
Best Role Playing Game 13th Age – Pelgrane Press, designed by: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet
FATE Core System – Evil Hat Productions, LLC, designed by: Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson Mummy: the Curse – White Wolf Game Studio, designed by: C.A. Suleiman Numenera – Monte Cook Games, designed by: Monte Cook Shadowrun: Core Rulebook – Catalyst Game Labs, designed by: Jason Hardy, Aaron Pavao, Adam Large, Mark Dynna, Steven “Bull” Ratkovich, Peter M. Andrew Jr., Michael Wich
Best Role Playing Supplement DC Adventures Universe – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Darren Bulmer, Seth Johnson, Steve Kenson, Jon Leitheusser, John Polojac, Aaron Sullivan
Heart of the Wild – Cucible 7 Entertainment, designed by: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Transhuman – Posthuman Studios, designed by: Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jack Graham
Night’s Watch – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Joseph Carriker, Lee Hammock, Brett Rebischke-Smith, Ian Ireland, Michelle Lyons, John Hay
Eternal Lies – Pelgrane Press, designed by: Will Hindmarch, Jeff Tidball, Jeremy Keller
Best Board Game Trains – Alderac Entertainment Group, designed by: Hisashi Hayashi Time n Space – Stronghold Games, designed by: Tobias Stapelfeldt Space Cadet: Dice Duel – Stronghold, designed by: Geoff Engelstein, Sydney Engelstein
Krosmaster Arena – Japanime, designed by: Nicolas Degouy, Édouard Guiton City of Iron – Red Raven Games designed by Ryan Laukat Best Historical Board Game
SOS Titanic – Ludonate, designed by: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc
Navajo Wars – GMT, designed by: Joel Toppen
Freedom: The Underground Railroad – Academy Games, designed by Brian Mayer
1775:Rebellion – Academy Games, designed by: Beau Beckett, Jeph Stahl
Francis Drake – Eagle Games, designed by: Peter Hawes
Best Historical Miniature Figure/Line
Fife & Drum: Revolutionary War -– Fife & Drum, designed by: Richard Ansell
Highlander Force – North Star Military Figures, designed by: North Star Military Figures
Fate of a Nation: Arab Israeli Wars – Battlefront Miniatures, designed by: Evan Allen, Chris Townley
Red Army: 28mm Russian Infantry – Wargames Factory, designed by: Wargames Factory
Devil Dogs and Dragons – Empress Miniatures, designed by: Empress Miniatures
Best Historical Miniature Rules
Fields of Fire 2nd Edition – Proving Ground Games, designed by: Larry Yeager, Chris Brutsche, Mark Brown
Fire and Sword – Wargamer, designed by: Konrad Sosinski, Rafal Szwelicki
Chain of Command –Too Fat Ladies, designed by Richard Clark
Best Historical Miniature Rules Supplements
SAGA: Varjazi & Basileus – Gripping Beast, designed by: Alexandre Buchel
Flames of War: Fate of a Nation – Battlefront Miniatures, designed by: Phil Yates
Force on Force: Classified – Osprey Publishing, designed by Ambush Alley Games
Best Miniature Figure Line Malifaux: The Guild’s Judgement– Wyrd Miniatures, designed by: Wyrd Miniatures
HeroClix Wolverine and the X-men – WizKids Games, designed by: WizKids Games
MERCs Mini’s (Shock Trooper, Spy, Eagle, Beacher) – MegaCon Games, designed by: MegaCon Games
Best Miniature Figure Rules Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Vs X-men Starters – WizKids Games, designed by: WizKids Games
Battletech Alpha Strike – Catalyst Game Labs, designed by: Herbert A. Beas II, Joshua Franklin, Paul Sjardijn, Ray Arrastia, Joel Steverson
Judge Dredd – Warlord Games, designed by: Matthew Sprange
Best Game Accessory Krosmaster Fire & Ice – Japanime Games, designed by: Ankama
Shadowrun GM Screen – Catalyst Game Labs, designed by: Jason Hardy
Fate Dice – Evil Hat Productions, LLC., designed by: Fred Hicks, Chris Hanrahan
Space Gaming Mat – HC+D Supplies, designed by: Andre Garcia
Pathfinder Battles: Skull and Shackles – WizKids Games, designed by: WizKids Games
Best Children’s, Family, Party Game Walk the Plank – Mayday Games, designed by: Shane Steely, Jared Tinney
Three Little Pigs – Iello, designed by: Laurent Pouchain
My Happy Farm – 5th St. Games, designed by: Oleksandr Nevskiy, Oleg Sidorenko
ROFL – Cryptozoic, designed by: John Kovalic
Choose One! – Looney Labs, designed by: Andrew Looney
Best Collectible Card Game Pokemon Black & White Legendary Treasures – The Pokemon Company, Intl., designed by: The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Red Genesect Collection – The Pokemon Company, Intl., designed by: The Pokemon Company
Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Pack 2 – Konami Digital Entertainment, designed by: Konami Digital Entertainment
Yu-Gi-Oh! Super Starter V for Victory – Konami Digital Entertainment, designed by: Konami Digital Entertainment
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World – Konami Digital Entertainment, designed by: Konami Digital Entertainment
Best Traditional Card Game Love Letter– AEG, designed by: Seiji Kanai
DC Comics – Cryptozoic Entertainment, designed by: Matt Hyra, Ben Stoll Boss Monster – Brotherwise Games designed by: Johnny O’Neal, Chris O’Neal Clubs – North Star Games , designed by: Dominic Crapochettes Dark City – Upper Deck, designed by: Devin Lowe
Best Game Related Publication Khan of Mars – Evil Hat Books, author: Stephen Blackmoore
Fire for Effect – Catalyst Game Labs, edited by: Jason Schmetzer ICv2 – Editor: Milton Griepp Dork Tower – Editor: John Kovalic
TableTop – Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day

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Season 3 of Tabletop crowdfunding Matt’s Rambling

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Apr 112014

If you consider yourself a gamer and you haven’t read this article yet you should.

I have to admit when I first heard the Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day  were crowd funding I was angry, for a variety of reasons.   Mostly, because I felt cheated.  I mean I work a real job, have a family, and I maintain this blog.  All of which are a time consuming adventure.  And oh did I mention that I am trying to pave the way into a writing career.

Then I started thinking about what they do.  They play games.   I play games, sometimes.   From  being a cameraman and an editor of all of my material I can relate to some of the techniques they use.  Even though I am far from an expert anyone who thinks for a moment must realize that TableTop uses a crew and a studio (expensive).  I like so many other bloggers use their own home.  I believe there is one veteran out there that uses his garage.  Where am I going with this?   While we let you visit our home Wil’s approach is very different.  The environment he has brings is so inviting that it is more like you invite him into your home.   Why is that so unique?  He captures the experience of playing with famous geeks and gamers right in your home.   But that is really just the beginning.

In a way you can say that TableTop is a marketing program and I am sure there are some perks involved there always are.  But that is so trivial when you consider the big picture. Yes, they are asking for money but that isn’t what is important.  It is about the reach and influence the show has.  Geek and Sundry has taken TableTop to heights I never thought it would reach, and I am jealous.  Not only do they make us more aware of games that are out there.  But More importantly, and this is key, they have started to change the image of gaming.   By introducing guests of our subculture to the world Wil and Felicia influence everyday ordinary citizens.  That’s right the way the non gaming culture looks at us is changing.  They are starting to see that successful people can be and often are geeks.


Wil I hope you hit that 750k mark and more.  I would love to see that RPG episode.  I can only hope for the best.


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Apr 112014

From Paizo Press Release


Based on the World’s Best-Selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder Iconic Heroes Return with New Adventures in Pathfinder: City of Secrets

Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo Inc. announce the return of Pathfinder Comics with a new series, Pathfinder: City of Secrets., out in local comic stores and digitally May 2014.

Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1 is written by returning superstar writer Jim Zub, with interior art by Leandro Oliveira and cover art by Genzoman, Carlos Gomez, Sean Izaakse and Steven Cummings. This issue marks the beginning of a new adventure series and is the perfect starting point for new readers. Each issue also includes an exclusive Pathfinder Roleplaying Game encounter, and a bonus playable tactical map/art poster. In Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1, the Pathfinder heroes head to the city of Magnimar, and danger isn’t far behind. As the wizard Ezren seeks an audience with the Pathfinder Society, his adventuring allies explore the city’s ancient magic, well-hidden secrets, and deep political divides. The dangers and opportunities of the big city could bring the adventurers closer together–or tear them apart!

In celebration of the new series’ release, and in conjunction with New Comic Book Day, Dynamite and Paizo will be organizing special in-store Pathfinder game events, in which chosen local comic stores will become part of the story and game play. Comic shops interested in participating should contact their local Dynamite rep. Further, Pathfinder fans can have their character immortalized with game statistics and an original illustration in the special “Heroes of Magnimar” game supplement, part of the Pathfinder: City of Secrets collection. Read more about the Pathfinder Comic Store Invasion here:

“Writing Pathfinder has been a wonderful experience,” says writer Jim Zub.” The gang at Paizo have crafted a robust and diverse fantasy world that lends itself to dramatic and exciting stories. I can’t wait for readers to dive into City of Secrets and see what happens next to the Pathfinder iconics.”

“In this story arc, the Pathfinder adventurers go beyond goblins to face off against one of the greatest foes of fantasy–a black dragon,” adds Paizo Publisher Erik Mona.” And through it all, Jim Zub manages to perfectly capture the spirit of adventuring in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!”

“City of Secrets features a new artist, Leandro Oliveira, who I think fans are really going to like, and Magnimar, a huge new city for the iconics to explore, full of danger and opportunity,” states Pathfinder Comics series editor Rich Young. “Jim continues to take the characters and story into cool and exciting territory…I look forward to reading each script he turns in!”


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Box Breaking 96 Myth from Megacon Games

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Apr 102014

myth7In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the smash hit Myth from Megacon Games.  Myth is a semi-cooperative miniature board game.  It features highly detailed miniatures.  The rules incorporate an almost arcade like style of gaming on to the table.  Watch as Matt shares its contents.


You can learn more at Megacon Games.

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Box Breaking 95 Southern Task Force Part 4 Recon Cadre

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Apr 032014

strIn part 4 of the Southern Task Force series Matt  Takes a look at the Recon Cadre and infantry for Heavy Gear Blitz.  this kit contains 4 Iguanas, a Black Mamba and various upgrades.  Heavy Gear Blitz is Produced by Dream Pod 9

You can learn more at Dream Pod 9.

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Box Breaking 94 Southern Task Force Part 3 Strike Cadre

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Apr 022014


In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the Strike Cadre for the South.  It is part three of his look at the Southern Task Force army deal.  This kit Contains 3 Black Mambas and 2 Jagers plus upgrades.   So watch as he shows you all the pieces parts.

You can learn more at Dream Pod 9.

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Box Breaking 93 Southern Task Part 2 Fire Support Cadre

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Apr 012014

sfscIn this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at the contents of the Fire Support Cadre that comes in the Southern Army Task Force. It Contains 2 Jagers (one command), 2 Spitting Cobras, and one Black Adder. Watch as Matt demonstrates how easy it is to to use the book to figure out which weapon is which.



For more information on Heavy Gear visit Dream Pod 9 

Thank You Music Alley for pod safe music.

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