Feb 252014

From the Myth project update


We also plan to launch MegaCon Games next KS during the month of March. It is called MERCS: Recon. It is a fully cooperative game in the MERCS world. The game will launch with game rules and how to play videos. It has been ready for a bit now, but we wanted to start shipping Myth before we launched it. Every delay in shipping pushed Recon back further and tested our patience more.

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Feb 242014

Excerpts from the Myth Project update.  I am excited


Grant Me Serenity, part 1

We understand there has been quite the hubbub here as of late, hehe. We sympathize. It has been a roller coaster here as well. It appears as though you had just about ran out of patience. I know I had. I was very harsh with them a couple weeks ago, unjustly so.

Let me start by saying the games arrive at our shipper’s Indy hub, Wednesday February 26th. After they arrive, we schedule the two containers for delivery to our warehouse: we have a window of four work days (Feb 27-March 4). We have roughly 2-3 hours to unload each container.

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Feb 232014

drowIn this Figure Forge Matt assembles Drizzt Do’Urden the iconic Drow character created by R.A.  Salvatore.  He takes time sharing with you his thoughts and concerns about potential weaknesses of the models.  Drizzt is a two model kit produced by gale Force 9.

You can learn more about Drizzt Do’Urden at Gale Force 9.

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Feb 122014

IMG1_Box1_1024x1024In this Figure Forge Matt assembles one sprue of the Scourge faction from the Dropzone Commander 2 player starter.  Dropzone Commander is produced by Hawk Wargames.

You can learn more about Dropzone Commander at Hawk Wargames.

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Feb 072014

illithidIn this Box Breaking Matt delves into the Illithid Raiding Party from Gale Force 9 for the Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Game.  The Illithid Raiding Party is a truly unique box set that will certainly enlighten most players.

You can learn more about the Illithid Raiding Party at GF 9.

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