Why I Never Play Characters in 40k

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Jun 192011

While the Warhammer 40k Characters are cool, most of them never make it to the table for my games.   There  are really only a couple of reasons for this.  The first is the cost, the second is the point cost, and the third is well they are fluff related.

The dollar amount for most single model characters is just too much.   Especially now that they are going to finecast, or should I say fine crap as it is being reported all around the globe.  They are just not worth that much money to me.  So it is my way of saying wake up GW we don’t agree with your tactics.

More often than not the characters are over pointed for what they do.  I and my friends are competitive – we play to win.  With that kind of mentality it is much more effective to take another squad over a character.  Why?  Because most of the time taking a squad over a character gives ten to twenty dice, depending on weapons, for about the same point value.   It is really the dice you are paying for, and the 40k game is more about numbers than it is tactics.


Lastly, I hate fluff.  Not because it is not good, but because it is not needed to play the game.  Actually it is not the fluff I hate.  It is the concept that fluff needs to be elevated to point where it should influence your game. Nothing is more annoying than having a player tell you that your army is built wrong because it does not support the fluff. My all time favorite is you can’t beat me because I am playing Space Marines and you have never beat us in the story line.  Man did I laugh when I destroyed his perfectly built fluff list.

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Ways to Put More Game Into Your Hobby

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Jun 142011

If you know me you  know that I would much rather play a game of 40k, Fantasy, or Rezolution over putting models together.  I know for some of you that is like a carnal sin.  But I have no problem putting unpainted models on the table.  Heck I don’t even have a problem using a pair of socks as terrain.   Some would look at it and say “I can’t play on  that it doesn’t look good.”   Well, I would laugh and tell you “It is an imaginary hill in an imaginary game world.”  My point is I bought the toys to play the game.


There are several ways to to make sure you put more game into your hobby.  Some of these will boost your spirit and want you to play more, others will make it easier to play.

  • Pick the right game
  • Buy the army you want to play
  • Play before you paint
  • Pick easy models if you can
  • Don’t be mislead by what others say make your own decision
  • Choose the right group to play with.

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Leaving Feedback for eBay Buyers

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Jun 102011

This is why you do not leave fee back for your buyers on eBay.

  • You can’t leave negative feedback
  • You can only leave feedback for one transaction
  • They can leave you negative feedback for every item even though they might be on the same transaction.   My answer to this is I no longer combine invoices.
  • DSR’s are discriminatory against buyers that do not have a high volume of sales.
  • It is too easy for the buyer to falsely represent an accurate expectation of the dsr’s  ( I have received DSR scores of 1 across the board within 15 minutes of some purchases)


So, until eBay fixes their feedback system a seller should never leave feedback for a buyer.    After all, if we don’t go there to sell no one will be able to buy.


That is my eBay vent for the week.   It has been coming for a long time.   I just can’t wait to see the day when I no longer need to sell on eBay.

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Jun 072011

With Games Workshop on the price hike rampage a few of our players are looking for other options for their fantasy miniatures fix.   While I have known about Mantic for almost a year now I have not entertained the thought of their product line.   We always felt that our money would be better spent on items we knew would move.  But, with some of the recent events in the game industry our players are diligently trying to make the shift from spending more money on less product to spending less money on more product.  So I was asked to look that the rules.


Here is what I found before play testing.

The rules are pretty darn good.

They are simple.

Here is what I like about the game.  The magic system is figured right into the cost of the character.   The winner of combat is determined by a nerve (command/morale in other game systems) check.   It has a fast pace – 2000 point game should take about an hour to play.   The models look good and are inexpensive.


Here is where I have reservations about the game.   While the rules are simple and scale well, if you plan on running tournaments you might need to interpret the rules for your players.  There are no casualties in combat; I just can’t figure out if I like this or not.


Here is what I do not like about the game.  Without play testing the game the only thing I dislike is the fact that it does not use alternate activations.


There is one more thing that Mantic is doing right that you should know about – they are making a sci fi game.


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Privateer Press Celeberates 10 Years

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Jun 072011

It seems like only it was only yesterday that I played my first WARMACHINE game.  I remember thinking it was a fun game and that the company would bury themselves.  Well,  not only was I wrong they made it through ten years of gamers.  I am sure Privateer looks back at the ten years with puffy chests, and they should.   They have accomplished so many great things.  But that is not why I am writing you today.  In all of the partying Privateer has announced a 10th anniversary no Quarter.  It is going to be one massive issue with reflections of the past.   But, that is not all Privateer Press is running all kinds of sales as part of the celebrations.


So thank you, Privateer Press for remembering us in your success.

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Gw Strikes Again

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Jun 022011

Well, not really the news is just filtering down to us.  It appears that the GW price hikes have really ticked off the Australians.  Yes that is right, so much in fact that they have started a Facebook petition page.  The concerns they have are the price hike, and the quality of the new Citadel fine cast.   Please take  the time to go to the  petition and read it over.   It is a good one.   It will give even the most disillusioned player an eye opener.  As if that isn’t enough, Gw has attacked The Australian market again by placing an embargo on UK sellers.   This embargo restricts sellers from selling to certain countries.   Here is what Maelstrom Games posted about GW’s new policy.



While Gw can’t stop sellers from making the international sale – they can.  Games Workshop exercises their power very well by bullying vendors.  If they catch a a vendor in violation of their policies they will simply stop selling to them.


Gw has been showing their true colors for sometime now.  As a result it looks like players are uniting and saying shove it.  Go get  em Australia – best of luck.

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