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This is one of my favorite lists of all times at 1000 points.  Not only is this list easy to play it allows you to apply several different strategies while it is on the table.   It just doesn’t matter what you are playing against with this list you stand a a chance.  It is balanced.  Yet it’s fairly straight forward.  While the Dark Eldar as a whole are a pretty balanced army this one is a shooting army.   That doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own in close combat it just means they  will do better without it.


The army contains only 56 models. While that is not an impressive number the important thing to note is the firepower.  We will look at that in a minute.  Here is the list



Archon Venom Blade, Plasma Grenades, Blast Pistol

5 Squads of Kabalite Warriors

Each has a Sybarite with a blast pistol, phantasm grenade launcher, and a venom blade.

The warriors have 7 splinter rifles, a blaster, and a splinter cannon

1 squad of Kabalite Trueborn

1 shredder, 2 blasters, and 2 splinter rifles.

The gand total on this is 1000 points even.


The above list packs a serious punch for just about anything on the battlefield.  With 7 blasters and 6 blast pistols it should be fairly easy to deal with most high armor or toughness models on the table.  On top of that firepower you have a plethora of poison 4 weapons.

This iarmy list has a motto “shoot first ask questions later”.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be afraid to engage an opponent that is you lesser or equal in Close Combat.  By assaulting you take away their chance to shoot you.  Of course you need to weigh this with each unit.  For example Orks have terrible aim and are better at close combat with out a doubt.  Knowing this I would fall back, hopefully to draw them into a trap, and shoot.

This list is one I have been playing since oh 2003 (changed for the new codex).  It has a high win ratio but it is fragile and because it is fragile you have to think through situations like those shown above.

Well that is all for now.  I hope to play this army against the new Necrons soon.

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