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Corporate AmericaCorporate America


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Corporate America is a political satire game about corporate influence of government. In it, players take the role of corporations, manipulating the population, government, and each other to maximize profits. Players keep their money secret until the end of the game, when the player with the most money wins. The game progresses through four phases: Wall Street, Main Street, Campaign Trail and Capitol Hill.




In the Wall Street Phase, players start businesses (like Trius and Oggle Search) which fall into various industries (like transportation, luxury, and technology).




In the Main Street Phase, players take turns playing consumer cards, which determine which businesses make money. Players can manipulate the population and can bribe each other to make sure their businesses get consumed.




In the Campaign Trail Phase, a number of election issues are revealed and players get the opportunity to run for president. After players electioneer, players secretly bid on candidates to determine who will be the next president. After three bid rounds, whoever has raised the most money in the campaign wins the election.




In the Capitol Hill Phase, the new president is rewarded with an Executive Privilege card, which grants a special power, and can then pass legislation to impact businesses and the rules of the game. The president can keep campaign promises or blatantly break them for personal gain!




The game ends after a set number of turns. Whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins!




Game Contents:


  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Wooden Washington Monument Token
  • 1 Seal of the President
  • 140 Mini Dollar Cards
  • 60 Business Cards
  • 54 Consumer Cards
  • 40 Legislation Cards
  • 8 Executive Privilege Cards




3-6 players


Ages 13+


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