Aug 082013

C&C Adventure Supplement  Rogues GalleryC&C Adventure Supplement:  Rogues Gallery

$9.99 SRP


Every game has them; hosts of unnamed, faceless, personality-lacking brutes that mock both players and CKs with their amorphous shapes. Well wait no more longer. C&C finally gets its first rogue’s gallery. Brought to you by the skilled hands of Shane Moore, the wildly popular author of the Abyss Walker novels, this rogue’s gallery is replete with an army of Non Players Character.  All races. All classes. This rogues gallery has them all.


Each NPC comes complete with statistics such as attributes, hit points and standard armor class. They also have names, alignments and all the other bones of a good NPC, but more than that these NPCs have faces, personalities, descriptions. Each NPC is individually treated, including goals and desires.


(Cover art not yet finalized)

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