Aug 052013

C&C Adventure Bluffside City on the Edge SettingC&C Adventure: Bluffside: City on the Edge Setting

$19.99 SRP


Welcome to Bluffside City on the Edge, the original Sandbox adventure setting. The highly portable Bluffside fits into any fantasy setting, or stands alone. It includes over 100 POIs, places of interest, each of which comes with adventure hooks for the Castle Keeper and player. With a dozen city districts and maps Bluffside is the place to bring adventure. Bluffside offers a harvest of new magic items, class adaptations, new races and new spells. There is enough here to reap and whirlwind of expansions to your C&C game. 


Bluffside is a boom town boasting the most precious metal in the known world – adamantine. From the ancient ruins of Sem La Vah, to the vast Undercity, to the floating port of Sordadon, Bluffside: City on the Edge promises to become the home port for thousands of adventurers.


Used as a stand-alone city, or combined with other sourcebooks, thereby creating a modular world one great area at a time.

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