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Nov 212012

C&C: Jack of Lies

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 19.99

Jack of Lies is a sandbox adventure area, outlining the city of Eskadia in its entirety. Jack of Lies comes complete with everything needed to create the ultimate city adventure and campaign: full descriptions of the city from the walls, down the streets and into the alleys, to the neighborhoods, markets, plazas on to the inns and taverns, gatehouses, tenements and more; it also includes all those elements that make a city come alive, from the city government, encounter areas, major personages, new monsters, a new race, the Changling and much, much more. Jack of Lies is a complete serial adventure as well that brings out all the rich tones of the city upon the sea! Jack of Lies comes with a mountain of maps as well!

I’ll say I’ve never heard of this game before but any game that lets you act out fantasies of being a hero with sword and shield or mage casting spells is always worth playing Troll Lord Games looks like they got one I need to check out.

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