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Aug 022012

Image Copyright of GCT StudiosI have finally managed to read through the quick start rules for Bushido The Game. While reading the rules I kept thinking does this work? When I was done reading I didn’t even want to play the game. My first rule on a game review play before you write. I’m glad I am disciplined enough to follow my rules. Because the game is fun and a lot of it.


If you didn’t already know Bushido the game is an Asian themed fantasy skirmish game. It is played on a 2×2 board with about 5 models a team.


The first thing I thought would be awkward was a portion of the dice mechanics was the dice pool concept. I thought there is no way this will work. I was wrong. Not only does it work it adds a new level of strategy to the world of miniatures gaming. Let me explain. Close Combat in Bushido is simultaneous. We took that to mean the dice pools were revealed at the same time and you roll them at the same time. With the highest dice roll winning. When you play the game that way it is intense. Being a martial artist I feel it also adds a bit skill to combat.


Outside of that I think the approach to the action system is a little bit different than most. Each model gets two simple actions or one complex. There are several simple actions ranging from aim to melee attack. There are only a handful of complex actions like feats, and focus. Each action has an effect associated with it; sometimes these are tied to a specific ability.


Ki is generated at the start of every turn by each force and by each model. It can then be used to perfom feats that require the expenditure of ki.


On top of a good set of rules Bushido the Game has excellent models. Most of them feature dynamic poses displaying action. If they don’t they host a story to be told by their detail. Further GCT has great customer service and they are passionate about their game.


What I wish for is a complete set of rules.

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