Aug 132012

Hey Bushido fans here is an exclusive look at the Ito Priestess green from GCT Studios.

Image courtesy of GCT Studios.

The Concept for The Priestess is outstanding, as usual.  What I want to know is she wearing armor or are those scales on her back?

Maybe the greens will tell us more…

Image courtesy of GCT Studios

Hmm, I definitely don’t see any armor there.  But man is she dynamic or what?  She is a real beauty at least from the backside, lets take a look at her face.

Image Courtesy of GCT Studios

Well, I am not sure what to say beyond “WOW!”  This is an amazing model.  If you are an intermediate painter it should be a challenge for you, and if you are an expert painter there is plenty of room for exploring tattoos.  I’m looking forward to just blending her, after I practice on a few models.  If you’re a rookie, she might be intimidating.  But there is a bright side to that, she is so dynamic that you can just look at her.  Try to figure out the story in her dress, her swagger, and her blade.

I love what these guys are doing and I can’t wait to see more!

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