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Valiant Bloodshot


This is the second free pdf for the Valiant RPG. It focuses on the story event the Harbinger Wars. Which inevitably pits Bloodshot against Harbinger Foundation, the renegades, and the Hard C.O.R.P.S. I haven’t read the story, but a friend of mine put it in to a context I would understand. He said take squirrels on crack, add the octagon and kung fu theatre effect – bam The Harbinger Wars!


I get that and it set some pretty high expectations for this adventure.


Before we start you should know a few things

  • you need the QSR or valiant RPG rules to play this supplement
  • You and your friends get to play Bloodshot
  • This is an adventure



The adventure is broken into 4 parts; the prelude,Horada Protocol, Promise broke, and Showdown on the steps.


I’m going to be my best and keep this brief. I really don’t want to spoil anything for you.


The prelude is what sets the stage. The players are Bloodshot and psiots. Bloodshot gets a bad wrap by the psiots and must convince them he’s innocent. When we played this was quite an exciting part of the game. We caused so much trouble we nearly killed each other off, but good story telling prevented an untimely death.


After a short rest, we ate dinner, we moved into the Harada Protocol. Which turned out to be my favorite part for two reason. It was almost non stop action of some sort – you fight Harada. We had all kinds of crazy thing going down that forced us to focus on game mechanics. I found this chapter to be a tutorial on great game play and the mechanics of the Valiant RPG system. Who said learning can’t be fun.


In the third part you’re supposed to recover from the battle fought in the Harada Protocol. It’s more like run for your life while you try and regain your health. The chapter is Blood shot trying recover while fending off the minions.


The last chapter is exactly what you would expect. It is the final battle. Where Bloodshot faces off with Toyo Harada. This portion of the adventure went badly for us and Bloodshot ended up loosing. But it was a tremendous amount of fun.



The adventure was an insane amount of fun. This and the QSR are a free download so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this with your friends. It’s a super quick game to learn and it is very social. I mean your’e going to sit around with beer and pretzels anyway why not tell a story too?


If you are interested you can get Bloodshot at DriveThruRpg

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