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Basic Safety

Hey friends one thing I haven’t talked much about this week was safety. This is a list of tips and tricks that I have taught to men and women in my self defense classes, many of these concepts are commons sense and that is why we sometimes need to be reminded of them. This will also include avoiding con crud.

Walking at Night.

When we are at cons it’s not uncommon for us to be out at night. Here are some basic rules.

Walk with friends, there is safety in numbers

Stay in the light, it may sound sill but you are less likely to be a victim if you can be seen and more importantly see what is coming at you.

Know where you are going before you leave.

Be alert, this applies to just about everything. If you are out drinking always keep your drink visible to you. Be aware of the people around.

Don’t walk close to hiding places, shrubs, corners, or even garbage cans.

Ask your self these questions around strangers or strange areas

Do I feel safe?

Does anything seem odd or out of place – is it staged?

Does the area seem different from the rest. For example are all the other streets lit except this one?

Rules for Your Car.

Park in a well lit area away from shrubs bushes and even trees – especially if the lot is unattended.

Check you car out as you approach. Are the windows broken? Is someone inside it?

Protecting Your Bag/Wallet.

Keep your wallet in your front pocket or wear pants the have a button pocket.

When you sit down to play a game wrap your bag around your leg or the chair. Make the thief work for your stuff.

Again pay attention, check your wallet if you bump into someone unexpectedly.

Con Crud!

Every convention someone shares con crud with many of my dear friends. Here are some simple tips you can use to lessen your odds of getting stuck with it.

Shower daily kill that bacteria!. It makes you feel better and nobody really wants to smell you anyway.

Wash your hands frequently, carry some disinfectant with you.

When you wash your hands in a public restroom use a fresh hand towel to touch the door when exiting.

Time your restroom visits, if at all possible use the restrooms outside the convention center. They are used by far less people and just by the lack of population should be safer.



Nobody wants their convention ruined because something “ill” happened to them or a friend, so please pay attention while you travel and be safe.  By using these techniques you can easily avoid situations that might put you in harms way.  These are by no means a guarantee that nothing will happen to you on your visit, but the knowledge can be helpful when making decisions to eliminate the chance of threat.

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