Feb 242014

Excerpts from the Myth Project update.  I am excited


Grant Me Serenity, part 1

We understand there has been quite the hubbub here as of late, hehe. We sympathize. It has been a roller coaster here as well. It appears as though you had just about ran out of patience. I know I had. I was very harsh with them a couple weeks ago, unjustly so.

Let me start by saying the games arrive at our shipper’s Indy hub, Wednesday February 26th. After they arrive, we schedule the two containers for delivery to our warehouse: we have a window of four work days (Feb 27-March 4). We have roughly 2-3 hours to unload each container.

Flush with relief and brimming with optimism, you would be right in wondering what had happened that the games are being delivered a month late. We don’t know all the details, but we do know that the games were not going to be let through San Francisco. Ever the resourceful ones, our shippers removed them and sent them up and through Vancouver.

There are many things we don’t know about the shipping process but what I know is that if our shipper BDP hadn’t been proactive in finding a solution, we would very likely still have games sitting in San Francisco customs and this update would be much different. It is why we work with them. The delay wasn’t ideal, but it was much better than the alternative.


Now for some juicy pics they shared.


Lair and traps


Urulok the Young


Rat King






Male Archer Hero



I can’t wait for my first shipment to arrive so I can bust it open with all of you watching.  Anxious, I wait.

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