Jul 272012

Imperial Human Elemental Class Sloop (1)

The superior keel designs of the Imperial Navy allow even the largest ships to slice through the water at considerable speed. The Dragutin, servants of knowledge and learning, are the only nobles known for practising magic. Their preoccupation with the occult saw them pay wizards and alchemists highly for their knowledge; they now practice this acquired magic on board the Elemental Class Sloop.




This overseer of the treacherous Uncharted Seas will shatter any ship that dares attempt to infiltrate your harbours. A sturdy construct of stone bedded into firm foundations, this fortification is a resilient menace that will fall only to the most powerful of forces. Used correctly this scenery piece adds withering firepower to your fleet.






The Bastion is a highly detailed structure with superb defensive capabilities, and will be an outstanding asset even in the most perilous of situations. Use it to defend a river mouth, mounted upon the land, or use it at sea to provide a powerful base from which your naval commanders can control the waters around your lands.


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