Jul 132013

Attunement Servitors - Convergence Solos (3) (white metal)WM: Attunement Servitors – Convergence Solos (3) (white metal)



Attunement servitors boldly fly between enemies to seek out high priority targets and mark them for destruction. Attunement servitors fire small glass globes filled with phosphorescent lumichem to bathe their targets in highly adhesive, chemiluminescent fluid that impairs mobility and is highly visible even from great distances. Because all members of the Convergence know to concentrate fire on anything marked with lumichem, such unfortunate targets soon become the focus of innumerable spikes, saws, and needles.


The Attunement Servitor solos come three to a blister (PIP36015).


A player may field up to three groups of three Attunement Servitors for each warcaster in a Convergence army.



3 Attunement Servitor solos

1 color stat card

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