Jul 222015

diNew York Times bestselling author/illustrator TONY DITERLIZZI is this year’s ARTIST GUEST OF HONOR at GEN CON.  Tony will be promoting his new book REALMS: THE ROLEPLAYING GAME ART OF TONY DITERLIZZI (Dark Horse Books).  Here are Tony’s thoughts about GenCon, where he launched his worldwide bestselling THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES (co-created with Holly Black) in 2003.  http://diterlizzi.com/home/gen-con-artist-guest-of-honor/


And here is a snippet from Guillermo Del Toro’s foreword for REALMS:


“Tony’s work has a distinct flair, a love for monsters if you will.   His creatures have the charm of Henson or Rackham but they carry with them hints of their own ecosystem.  He stands alone as a creator of worlds and a weaver of tales.  May you treasure these art pieces as much as I do.”  – Guillermo del Toro  (Director of PAN’S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY and PACIFIC RIM).


It’s of interest that Tony got his start doing game art for D&D and is now one of the most renowned children’s authors in the world…there must be a parallel to be explored there…I think the commonality resides in the ability to “world-build.”




Artist Guest of Honor

Gen Con is thrilled to announce the 2015 Artist Guest of Honor Tony DiTerlizzi.

Tony will host several events at the show, make sure to check them out when Event Registration opens in May. When not hosting his events, you can find Tony at his booth in the Art Show. Stop by and say “hi!”

About Tony:

DRAGONS, SPACE MONSTERS, GOBLINS, and insects—the characters that inhabit Tony DiTerlizzi’s world haven’t changed since he was a kid growing up in Florida.

In 1981, after watching The Dark Crystal and playing Dungeons & Dragons, 12-year-old Tony created a field guide on fantastical creatures. He would return to this premise many years later as the genesis for the multi-million bestselling chapter book series, The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Eleven years later, Tony began working for TSR where his art soon became synonymous with the Planescape RPG. Throughout the decade he also freelanced with White Wolf Games and Wizards of the Coast, where he painted cards for Magic: The Gathering.

This year marks the release of Realms: The Roleplaying Game Art of Tony DiTerlizzi (published by Dark Horse Books) – a first-ever collection of fantastic art from the start of a fantastic career.

Tony lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, with his wife and daughter.

For more information about Tony, and to see more if his amazing works, visit his websitediterlizzi.com.



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