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I have to apologize to all of you, I scheduled this to post back in September of 2016, but for some reason it didn’t and I missed it.


I had another great time at Alliance Open House this year. But before I go any further I have to admit that I have lost about thirty percent of my video content – well the video lacks audio.  James took a lot of time walking us through a great demo of the new Warmachine rules but with out the audio it’s not very good.


This year was a little different from last year because I feel there was a larger focus on the social aspect of gaming.  I mean it felt like we were there to play games with the manufacturers and experience the community. This year I had the chance to play so many games that will be coming out soon like Blood Bowl, Escape From Colditz, Happy Salmon, Warmachine, Star Realms, and more.  I guess not all of those are new, but at a shor like this things kind of blur together.  Plus I did a handful of interviews.

If you a re a retailer and you have never attended a trade show before I highly suggest it because it gives you the chance to experience future releases first hand.  You get to share your experiences with your peers and profess your concerns to manufacturers.  Plus, there are several workshops that are available throughout the day they can grant you more insight into which games might be best for your store.

Anyway let’s get on with the the experience.


Wild and wacky Happy Salmon from North Star Games


Sneak peak Escape from Golditz

Interview with Bezier Games about Colony.


Interview with Steve Jackson Games.


I picked up Agamemnon  at Alliance Open House, and played it too. Agamemnon is a tile placement territory control game that is fast to learn and full of thinking (abstarct Strategy).

My first look at the boxes from Deck Protection.

White Wizard was demoing Epic Card Game, but I couldn’t get in their booth to play.  This is my first look.

I did however get to play Star Realms for my first time, and I really like it. I can’t wait to play more and to share the experience with you.

What else can I tell you?  Not much actually, a lot of the information that manufacturers present to the retailers is to be kept confidential.  I’m sure tht this is so the retailers can take the information with them and prepare their customers for the games that are exciting.

Again I’m sorry that about half of my videos suffered a loss of audio.  I’m looking into what is wrong with my camera.

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