Jul 252013

A World at WarA World at War: The Ultimate WWII Strategy Game (Reprint)

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A World at War completes the Advanced Third Reich/Empire of the Rising Sun game system, refining and clarifying the rules in every area of the game. Fifteen years of design and relentless play testing have resulted in a polished, proven game, which includes the following innovations:


  • ·         named ships, allowing players to sink (or lose!) the Bismarck, Yamato, New Jersey and other famous ships
  • ·         naval construction rules which allow major powers to build the navy they think will suit their strategic requirements
  • ·         mobilization rules which allow major powers to tailor their army and air force pools to meet their needs – provided they anticipate them accurately
  • ·         oil rules which force the Axis to worry about their inadequate oil reserves even when victory is within their grasp
  • ·         simplified diplomatic rules which allow minor countries to align themselves with various major powers


Scenarios Included:


Global War Campaign Game

European Theater Campaign Game

Pacific Theater Campaign Game

Global War Campaign Game (historical)

European Campaign Game (historical)

Pacific Campaign Game (historical)

Battle of the Atlantic


North Africa

Coral Sea


Leyte Gulf

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