Mar 222015

9999 Chances



Each player creates a story based on the genres on two of their cards, pitches it to the group, and then the group consensus selects a story. All players then create a character within the chosen story by playing a resource on themselves and a problem on somebody else.

Take turns telling stories about how you are using your resources to overcome your problems. Other players play cards for their number value to determine your chance of success (lower numbers mean less likeliness to succeed). The player who plays the number card valued in the middle gets a bonus resource and that card determines your chance of success. Turn the top card of the deck and either succeed or get a new problem.


After all have had a chance to address their problems, comes the climax. Each player plays a final secret card and then you reveal the top card off the deck. If your card is lower than the final reveal, you get a bonus resource. If your card is the highest without going over, you double your resources.


The player with the most resources at the end wins but everybody has a rip-roaring time! With over 9,702 possible combinations, the chances are high that you’ll be coming back for more!


3-8 players

Ages 12+



100 cards

1 Rulesheet

1 Dry erase marker

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