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On 8/5/2014, Bailey Records released its first crossover game stats for using BMOG toys in Kaiju Kaos – The Miniatures Game.

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This deck contains Stat Cards for the following characters:

  1. Mant-Axe – Saboteur, Beng-Arii Syndicate
  2. Ursenal – Support Officer 1, Special Mission Force


brcsd980-01_stat-card_cover_front_fbThis deck contains Stat Cards for the following weapons:

  1. 45K PSI Jaws-of-Life – Melee Weapon
  2. Ionic Shock Hammer (BW2) – Melee Weapon
  3. Serrator Axe – Melee Weapon
  4. Steel Rending Combat Claw – Melee Weapon
  5. Anti-Protonic Missile Launcher (BW3) – Ranged Weapon x2
  6. M.A.U.L.-48 Assault Rifle – Ranged Weapon x2
  7. Rustmaker Gun (BW2) – Ranged Weapon

This deck also contains Stat Cards for the following:

  1. Pan-Dimensional Scanner – Gear
  2. Mecha Master – Special Ability



How to use these cards:

Who – Any Specialist or Officer of any Faction or Alignment can use any weapon or gear item in this deck, as agreed upon by all players.

For example: all players may agree that any human can carry these weapons into battle but decide that it would be ridiculous for creatures such as dragons, dinosaurs, Giant Worms, etc., to use hand-held weapons and gear.

Note: characters such as Wicked Werewolves are still restricted to using only ranged weapons when in their Human Alt-Forms.

What – These cards represent weapons and gear upgrades designed to enhance any army.

When – These weapon and gear upgrades must be announced at the beginning of a game and their Build Point values (indicated on each card) must be included in an army’s Build Points.

Where – The Build Point value of each weapon and gear item can be found on the back of each Stat Card with its abilities.

Why – Every character in Kaiju Kaos is based on a vision that corresponds with the greater storyline of the setting. At times this makes certain characters less appealing to some players because they are considered “ineffective” or “under-armed”. These weapon and gear items can be used to upgrade and customize existing characters to better suit a player’s liking or a game scenario.

Each weapon or gear item upgrade is lost when the model using it is eliminated from a game.

Size matters not. Even though each weapon or gear item is a component of Mant-Axe or Ursenal, this does not restrict the use of items to Giant or Colossal models. It is assumed that each weapon or gear item from this deck can be properly carried and used by its wielder.

Regular-sized models my only be upgraded with two weapons or gear items, in any combination, while Giant and Colossal models can have any number of weapons and gear items.

All Stat Cards in this deck require Kaiju Kaos – The Miniatures Game by Bailey Records.

BMOG, Augmentoid, Paraxxoid, Ursenal, and Mant-axe are Trademarks of Octavirate, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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