Aug 062014

Well with only 6 days left I’m getting antsy. New announcements are rolling in everyday, ranging from new tournament software to the next new release. It is getting overwhelming, I’ve scheduled eighteen interviews, and I’m going to get some great games in their somewhere.


With that being said I’d like to share with you my thoughts on Munchkin! Steve Jackson Games will be there and they are releasing Munchkin Pathfinder deluxe. Munchkin is a great game that lends a role playing feel to a tabletop game. It brings spirit to the table that rings the tone of a drinking game with out drinking. Do you now what I mean? The suspense build up while the players concoct their scheme to win. Then the tension breaks and there is laughter and loud roars of joy that grow more deafening as the game goes on, drowning out the bar next door. At least that has been my experience, – fun exploding at every turn.


Beyond that I’m really looking forward to the Deluxe version of the game. It includes a board, standies and well great art.


I really don’t need to ramble on and on about Munchkin. It’s been around long enough that you should know. If not check it out.



Since that was so short I am really going to work my way into the Cryptozoic area and explore some of their games. They have done a lot in the last couple of years and I really need to catch up. I’m told that ROFL, The Hobbit, and the DC Comics Deck Building Game are all must haves. I’ll do my best to get you the skinny on that.

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