Oct 162015

hbsGolem Arcana: Gudanna: Raiders of the Blasted Lands

$34.99 SRP


In the wake of the Great Khan’s death, the Dominion’s enemies rise up on all borders. The Raiders of the Blasted Land have been summoned from sand and blood to bring swift retribution and unite Eretsu under Dominion rule.

Contains 1 of each:


-The Burrow Claw,  a nimble Warsprite that can burrow to open terrain.

-The Terra Naga, a mobile Ogre that harries its enemies while constantly on the move.

-The Ravager, a Titan that excels at devastating groups of enemies.


Also included are four new Relic Cards:


-Valli’s Lantern: A crimson lantern that summons the Arena of Vali.

-Metr’s Blood Well: A relic that gathers mana from the blood spilt on a region, creating a mana well.

-Zyama’s Anointing: A ritual that activates a powerful vamperic attack.

-Davati’s Sacrifice: A cloak that allows its bearer to increase their damage at the cost of sacrificing their armor.


2 players

Ages 14+

30-90 minute play time



3 Large scale (40 to 70 mm) pre-painted and assembled Golem figures on TDI bases

-Gudanna: Burrow Claw, Terra Naga, Ravager

4 Relic TDI cards

3 Golem TDI cards

2 Double-sided Victory Point Tokens

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