Jun 272015

terreneTerrene Odyssey



Terrene Odyssey is a competitive all-inclusive battle card game that borrows the traditional feel of video game RPG Battle systems. You will recruit your four character party of adventurers and you will do battle with another party of adventurers and defeat enemy characters to gain XP and level up your characters to your design!

Your characters will be lined up and players can take familiar actions against each other. The original Starting Party Composition mechanic reduces luck by allowing players to pick the cards they want to use on turn 0.  Every turn of Terrene Odyssey allows you to jump straight into an intense battle. Will you be the last party standing to win the glory and fame?



2-4 players

Ages 12+

15-45 minute play time



Six 30 Card decks

144 Additional cards

Two 8×8 punch board tokens

One 16-page rulebook

Six ‘8 x12’ Suggested Build Sheets

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